Libertarianism in One Lesson

Many people hold mistaken notions about the American political system, political ideas and political parties. Many have heard that America has a "two-party system" and assume that the only choices are the Democratic and Republican parties. Some mistakenly believe that the Constitution limits us to only two parties. Errors such as this make it difficult for new political groups or parties to grow and compete with the old, established parties.

Men of Wealth

WHAT FOLLOWS IN this volume is obviously a series of biographical essays. They present the outlines of the lives of eleven men and one woman. They are offered as twelve significant fortunes since the Renaissance.

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John T

Lessons in Capitalism
How we got here..

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Christians and Libertarians

This essay is addressed primarily to members of two groups: non-Christian libertarians and non-libertarian Christians. While they often view each other with suspicion or even derision, in fact, the two worldviews are remarkably consistent. For libertarians, while there may be other good reasons for not embracing Christianity, I will illustrate that what the Bible says about government is not one of them. For Christians, I will illustrate that libertarianism is consistent with Christianity, and thus, that there is no good reason for them not to embrace libertarianism as their political philosophy.

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Maternity Laws

As part of the Omnibus Maternity Act, The Department of Maternity (DOM) was created as an administrative and regulatory agency charged with writing the regulations which enforce various provisions of the law. The DOM has been working since its creation to develop the programs prescribed in this booklet, programs which will be of immense value to women, mothers, and children of our nation.

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Announcement Statement

Murphy for Senate 2020

April 10, 2020

In this moment of trepidation for us all, I have decided to offer myself as a Libertarian candidate for the United States Senate in this year’s election. I think it’s vital that the people of Oklahoma have an alternative to the prevalent statist notion, held by too many of our elites, that only an increased amount of government power and control can solve all of our problems. To the contrary, I assert that most of the problems we face are the result of too much centralized control of our economy and culture, primarily by corporate, political, and bureaucratic experts with comfortable salaries and guaranteed jobs.

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic we are now enduring, only time will tell whether or not the danger it supposedly threatens is worth the near-total destruction of jobs and businesses resulting from the shutdown which has been imposed on us. I have seen conflicting reports. Some claim that China is to blame due to its clumsy handling of the virus in a Bio-Warfare laboratory. Others point out that the actual death rate has been overstated, that it is not the modern equivalent of the bubonic plague, and that the economic depression we are facing will cause more death, poverty, and misery than the virus ever could.

Apparently, reports from many doctors advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine, with other drugs, to treat the infection are being rebuffed by the bureaucratic experts who insist that such use must first be subjected to a double-blind study to ensure its effectiveness, even though the drug’s safety has been approved for other conditions. Such is the bureaucratic mind, which regards human lives as the subject of its own inspired experiments – monetary as well as medical.

For, as late night host Steven Colbert likes to say, meanwhile, the Federal Reserve Bank is flooding the economy with newly printed money, some pittance of which will go to those who have lost jobs, but the majority of which will go to the numerous banks and financial corporations that were already facing insolvency. Covid-19 provides a convenient excuse for their failure. This inflation of the currency will inevitably lead to higher consumer prices, and the value of our dollar will soon be worth about the same as the toilet paper that everyone covets.

What we need is a complete reset, and to this end I am breaking with strict Libertarian policy in advocating what economist Michael Hudson refers to as a Biblical Jubilee Year, in which all personal debts are cancelled. Further, it is time for the U.S. to declare a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, ensuring that the numerous pension funds that have invested in treasury securities remain solvent, but telling the corporations and countries that took the blind risk to invest in US Treasury bonds to go take a hike. Debts that can’t be paid without impoverishing and making serfs of the debtors shouldn’t be paid. As one of the earlier Libertarian Platforms reads regarding government debt: “Bankruptcy is preferable to the Tax Slavery of future generations.” (I’m paraphrasing)

We need a new currency based on a commodity such as gold or silver, and an end to the idea of fractional reserve banking that is the cause of the recurring credit-driven business cycles. The evolution of our economy from production to financialization must come to an end.

I must also mention the other threat to our future: the quest of the neoconservative factions within our government – the Deep State -to rule the world. This cabal of Strausian Trotskyites have provided the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex with the excuses they need to build and maintain over 800 military bases around the world in their feckless attempt to bring American-style democracy to tribal cultures, resulting in millions of foreign lives lost, trillions of dollars spent, and tens of thousands of American soldiers without arms or legs. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and a whole host of other neoconservatives should be cast into prison for war crimes.

There are other issues, of course, that I will address as the campaign progresses, but I consider these – monetary policy and military policy – as of prime importance. Climate change, trade with other nations, and such things as the drug war and other domestic policies I will state my views as time goes on.

Take care and good luck,

Robert Murphy