Robert Murphy2020/05/16

My letter to Tulsi Gabbard

Dear Ms. Gabbard,

I am a delegate to the Libertarian Party National Convention, which will choose its POTUS and VP candidates on May 22nd.

As you may know, Justin Amash has joined our party and seems to be popular among the delegates for the presidential spot.

I'd like to know if you would be willing to be our VP candidate.

I'm speaking for myself alone - so far, I just started this meme - as a long-time Libertarian who once spent four hours in Frank Zappa's house trying to talk him into doing the same. My attempt failed. Zappa disliked the presidential candidate at the time - Ron Paul.

You, however, are an articulate veteran who has spoken out against the Warfare State and was then severely wronged by your own party. You were denied a voice. We could give you that voice, a national voice that isn't drowned in a sea of 435.

The Libertarian Platform is simple: Civil Liberty, Economic Liberty, a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy. Please go to and read the platform. I think you'll agree with enough of it that you'll fit right in.

I can't guarantee to convince all of my fellow delegates to agree with me, but, if Mr. Amash is amenable and you are willing, I think this could be a presidential campaign for the history books.

When I saw you stand up to Stephen Colbert so brilliantly I thought, "Damn. I wish she was one of us."

It occurs to me that you're engaged in a reelection campaign. If so, that doesn't have to be disturbed by entering the LP VP race. If you aren't selected, that congressional race could go on uninterrupted. But if you were to run I think you'd be a shoe-in.

Think of it as the distillation of the best of the two Old Parties blending together like Tullamore Dew.

You would, of course, sometime in the next week or so, have to pay the dues and join the National LP.

You would also have to sign our Affirmation, which reads:

"I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals."

As the Consiglieri said to the Godfather, "Please, take this into consideration."

There will be online debates, or some kind of presentations on Thursday the 21st.


Robert T. Murphy
LP Delegate from Oklahoma